I am a 22 year old female.
I love to read
I love music
I love to write
I love to play video games
I love Pokemon
I love Magic the Gathering
I love to craft
I love music
I love puzzles
I love Harry Potter
I love having deep insightful conversations
I love… a lot of other things
and I loooove making new friends :D
Talk to me. I don't bite! (unless you ask... lol ) promise :)
And if you need to get my attention, I follow the zahmbe tag :D
This blog is the closest resemblance to my scattered mind that I can muster, enjoy.

Look at the amazing work one of my close friends can do. It’s as beautiful as she is (She’s wearing the blue piece!!). Support a college student by buying a piece today!! 

Her Etsy shop: EmbraceTheLamb

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